Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Icebreakers for meetups

First time at a mingler event but don't know anybody? Is everyone is chatting away at a party but you're a little anxious in the corner not knowing how to start a conversation with a stranger? Are you constantly finding your conversations at mingler events short and uneventful? Here is a guide on how to speak with effectiveness and confidence.

Distributed out to everyone at the October Mingler for Extremely Shy Meetup Group
Provided by Edward at http://edwardyuen88.blogspot.ca

Don’t know how to start a conversation? Here is a mini guide on how to break the ice.
  • Find something in common to talk about-  keynote, food, work, recreation, travel & etc…
  •  Do compliment people with sincerity-  Clothing, hat, pin, food platter, etc…
  •  Recommend you avoid these topics early in the conversation-  asking for business card or phone number, Politics, age, religion or asking for job

 Appropriate questions to ask (about the meetup group):
  • How long have you been with the Extremely Shy Group?
  • Have you been to other Meetup events? (Any favourite events?)
  • How long have you been in Vancouver? (How are you finding it?)
  • Where is your favourite place to visit in Vancouver?
  • Do you travel a lot?
  • Do you have any siblings? (common question)
  • Do you live with your family in Vancouver? 
Happy Socializing!

Assistant Organizer- VP and membership 
Extremely Shy Meetup 
For the earlier part of his life, Edward has been sitting at the sidelines of life observing his more charismatic peers basking in the spotlight. Ever since his 'great encounter' and the discovery of his 'Anchor', Edward has found strength and a new direction to overcome his fears of interacting with people in a social setting and establishing that with true wisdom and sufficient perseverance "change is possible" . Edward is an event organizer for the meetup group Extremely Shy, the most active meetup group in Vancouver (as of sept 2012) with 10 events happening every week and 2100 active members. He organizes monthly minger events with guest lists of over 80 people and introduces the 2100 members to different exciting activities and local restaurants around Vancouver. 
Got a question on meeting people and or social etiquette, ask Edward at ed.extremelyshy@gmail.com!

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