Thursday, November 22, 2012

One extra degree

You may think one degree of heat is insignificant, think again.
Water bubbles at 99 degrees Celsius, but add that extra degree it boils and becomes steam. With steam you can power trains and that makes all the difference! That little bit of extra effort may seem insignificant at first but it may be that last push that will bring you over your obstacles. Small effort when multiplied over a period of time can become a powerful force. Here's an inspiring video of it

Reflecting upon the past year, I dedicated 2 hours a week attending my community Toastmasters club every Tuesday. I felt a little out of place at first, being extremely shy and introverted in a room full of experienced speakers, in my head I was counting the other options I passed by from 2 more hours studying or 2 more hours on Facebook or Youtube or even go out with friends to Tuesday night 1/2 price movies. But surely as the months went by I started seeing results in the way I communicate and my confidence in my inter-personal abilities. That perseverance paid off in dividends of personal change and private victories. I eventually joined a second Toastmasters club up at SFU every Wednesday to double my growth, the momentum and synergy has made all the difference. Quite surely, should I stayed with my old habit/lifestyle of watching TV or going on youtube/facebook, I would not have experienced the change that took place in the last 12 months, I would only be able to list out refer timekillers videos (open at your own risk).

Imagine how many hours you could save up from cutting 30 minutes of TV each day. While it may seem insignificant at first but putting in that extra effort will make that big difference over time.

For the earlier part of his life, Edward has been sitting at the sidelines of life observing his more charismatic peers basking in the spotlight. Ever since his 'great encounter' and the discovery of his 'Anchor', Edward has found strength and a new direction to overcome his fears of interacting with people in a social setting and establishing that with true wisdom and sufficient perseverance "change is possible" . Edward is an event organizer for the meetup group Extremely Shy, the most active meetup group in Vancouver with 10 events happening every week and 2330 active members. He organizes monthly minger events with guest lists of over 80 people and introduces the 2330 members to different exciting activities and local restaurants around Vancouver building community and relationship. 
Got a question on meeting people and or social etiquette, ask Edward at!

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